Saturday, September 12, 2015

Great Discount Deals Available on PlayStation 4 Console

On a report today, there are many deals that are available for all gamers. 
The white PlayStation 4 limited edition Destiny: The Taken King Bundle will be 
$20 less on groupon, and also Visa5 code will be at your disposal for discounts.
Amazon is offering a PlayStation Plus deal with the 500GB console: The Last of Us 
Remastered Bundle. For the Bundle its self save $50 dollars and get The Last of Us Remastered Bundle for 350. 

Refurbished Wii U consoles has a one year warranty, get 20% off and save yourself $49. Use Visa5 code while you purchase Wii U with Nintendo Land and get the best deal.
Mario Kart 8 is up for grab for $42 and Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon will also be available for $28. 

Madden 16 which was rated an 8.8 is up for the grab on amazon for $40 and save $20 dollars.

PlayStation 4 Game Deals on Amazon

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